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This bibliography is a combination of fanatical love and scholarly devotion. It began as a graduate school project back in 2001; I was in library school, and our assignment was to compile a bibliography on our favorite author. The assignment was meant to teach us about literary databases – but because Bradley was so elusive and prolific, I ended up flying out to University of California Riverside, pouring through their fanzine collection in a somewhat overwhelming task of trying to find all of Bradley’s lost stories.

So this project continued intensely for several years, until I realized that though it was mostly finished, publishers (and PhD programs) were completely uninterested. So I filed it away, a bit regretful. Now that I don’t need a publisher to make it available, I’m dusting off my notes and copies of MZB’s Fantasy Magazine.

Bradley never published her own list; her family is selective about which works they acknowledge (though I have heard from her estate and have made some edits based on their feedback); former bibliographers and biographers were not comprehensive; and most fanzines are not indexed anywhere and have had to be in-hand to be identified. I can’t claim to have everything, but it is, as far as I know, this is the most comprehensive Bradley bibliography available, and I hope it gives Bradley the credit she deserves as a pioneer in feminism and science fiction.

Dawn Bovasso

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