Using This Bibliography

In Info on April 7, 2014 at 8:14 pm

•    The first place of publication is cited for each work; reprints are not. If a work was significantly changed and given a new title, it is cited again.
•    When available, the volume, issue, year, and month are cited for all magazines rather than the MLA standard of just the month and year. This was done because of the inconsistencies, particularly in fanzines, in numbering and dates.
•    Bradley was inconsistent about numbering her fanzine Day*Star. I attempted to correct some of the volume numbers based on the dates of the FAPA mailings, which are reliable. However, defer to the dates of the issue.
•    Some entries have the beginning but not the ending page number due to available resources. This is indicated by a “+” following the first page number.
•    This bibliography does not include: introductions to her own novels, as they are assumed to be part of the work; and mini-responses to her fan letters in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s Fantasy Magazine.
•    Bradley wrote one confirmed novel under the pseudonym John Dexter. Its publishing house used that pen name for multiple writers, so even though more than one book exists under that name, in that genre, by that publisher, only one (No Adam for Eve) is confirmed to be Bradley’s.

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